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CMA welcomes the inquiry of health care professionals, treatment facility staff members and others who work with those struggling with addiction to crystal meth.

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) is a fellowship of people for whom drugs, particularly methamphetamines, have become a serious problem. Together we practice the Twelve Steps as a new way to live, free from crystal meth use. 

This page is designed for Health Care Professionals, Correctional or Treatment Facility Professionals, Employee Assistance Professionals, Educators, Clergy Members, Counselors, Social Workers, or Students seeking to understand more about how CMA can serve as a resource for those struggling with addiction to crystal meth.

Understanding Crystal Meth Anonymous

At the heart of CMA is the principle of mutual aid—members meet regularly to discuss their journey towards sobriety and a renewed perspective on life. The fellowship promotes a recovery program centered on the Twelve Steps, a structured approach to overcoming addiction. Our fellowship advocates complete abstinence from crystal meth and all other mind-altering substances, including alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, and any medication not taken as prescribed.

Through our actions and service, we carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers. Remaining anonymous gives every member the same opportunity to recover. We are simply addicts helping other addicts. 

The Nature of Addiction

CMA recognizes addiction as a progressive disease that, while it cannot be cured, it can be arrested. Denial and rationalization are symptoms of this illness, leading many addicts to reject the possibility that addiction is at the root of their issues. Acceptance of powerlessness over their addiction and acknowledgment of the unmanageability of their lives are critical first steps in recovery. It's common for addicts to dismiss professional advice until they reach a point of readiness for change.

Promoting Awareness and Education

To assist health care professionals in guiding addicts towards recovery, CMA recommends familiarizing oneself with the fellowship through open meetings. These sessions provide valuable insights into the recovery process and offer resources such as CMA literature and a list of meetings. Understanding CMA's approach and principles can enhance a professional's ability to make informed referrals.

Membership and Participation

CMA is open to anyone with a desire to stop using crystal meth. Participation involves attending meetings, working the Twelve Steps with a sponsor, and being of service. Newcomers are encouraged to explore various meetings to find those that resonate with them best. Ideally, they should be accompanied by an existing member who can address their queries and potentially serve as a temporary sponsor, guiding them through the early stages of recovery.

A Spiritual, Not Religious, Foundation

CMA is founded on spiritual principles, devoid of any religious affiliations. This inclusive approach ensures that the fellowship is accessible to all, regardless of their faith background. The primary aim is to support addicts in their quest to cease drug use and adopt a healthier lifestyle, aligning with the objectives of health care professionals and other supporters. Here at NorCal CMA, we are committed to fostering safe, inclusive spaces for all recovering crystal meth addicts, regardless of age, race, physical appearance, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, background, disability, or other personal identifiers, while engaging our fellowship around issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in their local meetings.

A Shared Goal

The ultimate goal of CMA, much like that of professionals in the field, is to aid individuals in breaking free from the grips of addiction to lead fulfilling, drug-free lives. By offering a supportive community and a proven framework for recovery, CMA plays a crucial role in the broader effort to combat crystal meth addiction.

If you are working with a patient or peer who may be open to exploring recovery, we have a page on our website, Are You an Addict?, that provides a self-directed way for them to answer for themselves if they are an addict and whether they want to stop. 

As we say in our meetings, "If you think you have a problem with crystal meth, you're in the right place. You always have a seat here. Welcome home."

Ways to connect with CMA


Members of the Hospitals and Institutions Committee bring CMA meetings into facilities like hospitals, rehabs, and jails. Please email our H&I chair if you would like to learn more.

What is CMA?

Crystal Meth Anonymous is a 12-Step fellowship for those in recovery from addiction to crystal meth. You never have to use again. And you don’t have to recover alone.

Find a Meeting

NorCal CMA offers in-person, online and hybrid meetings in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Sacramento, Stockton, Visalia, Fresno and the larger 48-county region.