12 Steps & 12 Traditions

The Twelve Steps are a set of principles which offer a plan for recovery that helps repair the damage our addiction to crystal meth has caused. The Twelve Traditions guide the group just as the Twelve Steps guide the individual.

The 12 Steps

It’s never too early to start the Steps–the simple plan for living that keeps us sober a day at a time.

We did this work honestly and thoroughly, following our sponsor’s suggestions. Working the Steps gradually freed our minds from thoughts of using and addictive behaviors. Ultimately, they brought us to an awakening of the spirit which relieved us of the obsession to use.

The 12 Steps: A Plan of Action

The 12 Traditions

Many of us wondered what the 12 Traditions have to do with keeping us sober.

The 12 Traditions suggest how we conduct ourselves as a group, and relate to each other and the fellowship. They remind us that personal recovery depends upon CMA unity, that as members of CMA we are vitally important to one another. The Traditions help us maintain the integrity of our fellowship and provide a safe environment for recovery.

The 12 Traditions of Crystal Meth Anonymous

*The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous have been reprinted and adapted with the permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc (AAWS). Permission to reprint and adapt the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions does not mean that Alcoholics Anonymous is affiliated with this program. AA is a program of recovery from alcoholism only- use of AA’s Steps and Traditions, or and adapted version of its Steps and Traditions in connection with programs or activities which are patterned after AA, but which address other problems, or in any other non-AA context, does not imply otherwise.

We Have Recovery Literature

Crystal Meth Anonymous has a range of free pamphlets available for download. Many meetings and facilities where our fellowship gather have printed versions of these pamphlets. You can also purchase CMA literature and books from other 12-Step fellowships.