Being of Service

2022 annual meeting

All NorCalCMA Members are invited to the

2022 Annual Meeting!

Please note, there is no GSR Meeting in November.

Saturday, November 5, 2:00-4:00pm


Most Holy Redeemer Church

100 Diamond Street @18th

San Francisco, CA 94114

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Social Events, H&I, PI&O: Phoneline, Literature, Website & more!

Every NorCalCMA Member Can Vote!

Chair, Secretary, District Committee Member,

Hospitals & Institutions, Public Information & Outreach


Hear what NorCalCMA Members accomplished in 2022

and our plans for 2023



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2023 Service Opportunities

Trusted Servant Elections

For more information or to be of service email

or click here for flyer

Order chips, bronze medallions, and gold-plated coins by emailing:

Request printed pamphlets and meeting schedules by emailing:

7th Tradition Distributions

Email after paying via Paypal to identify meeting and payment details.

Scan the QR code to distribute 7th tradition to Northern California CMA

After groups meet their regular expenses, most donate the funds beyond a prudent reserve to their local service structures, intergroups, and the CMA General Services Office to help with their expenses. Such expenses include producing recovery literature and chips; operating a telephone hotline and website; and helping host conferences. These contributions also assist with supporting meetings worldwide, providing public information and outreach, and carrying the message to those in hospitals and institutions.

According to the Fourth Tradition, each group is autonomous except in matters affecting CMA as a whole. Therefore, it’s up to each group to decide how to use its resources.

NorCalCMA Intergroup approved these suggested guidelines:

      • 50% to NorCalCMA (Local District)

      • 30% to CAA (California Area)

      • 20% to GSO (World).

These addresses and links below are provided to help your group with its Seventh Tradition disbursements:

NorCal CMA

P.O. Box 14038, San Francisco, CA 94114

Make Check or Money Order with your group's name, city, day, & time payable to: Northern California District of CMA

For H&I Contributions make payable to: Hospitals & Institutions, NorCalCMA

CMA California Area Assembly

NEW! 2261 Market St #170A San Francisco, CA 94114

Make Check or Money Order with you group's name, city, day, & time payable to: CA Area Assembly

CMA General Services Office

Online at Group Contributions or 4470 W Sunset Blvd Ste 107, PMB 55, Los Angeles, CA 90027-6302

Make Check or Money Order with your group's name, city, day, & time payable to: CMA General Services

Monthly Intergroup (GSR) MEETING

Please note, there is no GSR Meeting in November. Instead ALL NorCalCMA Members are invited to the 2022 Annual Meeting, November 5th, 2:00-4:00pm, Most Holy Redeemer. Details above or email

2nd Saturday of the month, 6:00-7:15pm.

All NorCalCMA Members are invited to attend the monthly meeting of the NorCalCMA Intergroup. All Group Service Representatives (GSRs) and Board Members are strongly encouraged to attend! Email to be added to the GSR email notification.

Via ZOOM - Check the District Meetings Calendar on the Meetings Page


Attendance at the assemblies and committee meetings is open to all addicts interested in the rewards of service. Committees are always in need of volunteers, and there is no specific clean-time/sobriety requirements to serve on most of them. For more information, contact specific committee chairpersons via email.

Intergroup Assembly Meetings: The monthly Intergroup Assembly meeting will soon be hybrid- More details to follow.


Social Events Committee

Meets every 4th Saturday of the month at 4:00PM on ZOOM: Zoom ID 838 3794 9001, password 785193. Email for additional information. Please join us for our online monthly NorcalCMA Social Events Committee Meeting. We would love to see people from around the region join. Join us to and help organize some fun events.


Public Information & Outreach Committee

Meets 2nd Saturday of the month at 4:30pm

Via ZOOM - Check the District Meetings Calendar on the Meetings Page -or-

Interested in CMA Teleservice? The Phoneline has positions available (shifts as short as 1hr/week). Minimum requirements are 1-year continuous clean time AND completed all 12 Steps with a sponsor. For more information email

PI&O updated the printed CMA meeting schedule. Hardcopies will be available soon. A PDF copy can be downloaded by clicking here.


Hospitals & Institutions Committee, SF

Meets 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:30am - Online - Zoom id info: 899 5947 2676.

Please help recruit members who are willing to be of service to H&I, If interested, please contact the H&I Chair at There are some facilities (San Francisco, Sacramento & Santa Cruz, San Jose) that would love to have CMA H&I bring a message of recovery, but we are limited by the number of volunteers. We need a minimum of 4 members per facility to begin an H&I meeting.

H&I Coverage: We have started a phone list of members in service in H&I in case there is need to reach out to someone to cover a commitment. Please email to be added to the list.

Hospitals & Institutions Subcommittee, South Bay

Same time as SF H&I Committee.

Unity Day Committee

Unity Day 2022: Congratulations to Domingo R who is the Chair of Unity Day and Moe the Co-chair. If you would like to help organize Unity Day, join us on zoom 89048809205, password 846854. The next scheduled meeting is Saturday, July 2nd 2:30PM or email to submit your interest in participating with Unity Day.

CMA Retreat Committee

Meeting time - To Be Determined (TBD)

CMA Retreat Update!: The 2022 CMA Retreat has been cancelled. The NorcalCMA Chair will email members regarding refunds for the cancelled CMA retreat. If you requested a refund and haven't received one please email - If you have any interest in helping plan the next retreat (May 2023), please email -