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What are the Twelve Steps? What about alcohol and other drugs? How can I stay clean?

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using.

Relapse is not a requirement. How does a relapse happen? Step One. There is a solution.

The 12 Steps, The 12 Traditions, Abstinence, H.O.W. Literature, Meetings, One Day at a Time, Prayer & Meditation, Service

Alcohol, recreational drugs, psycho-pharmaceuticals, prescribed medications and OTC drugs...

The question here is what do you think about God? What’s your definition of a higher power?

Why do we meditate? When do we start to meditate? The rewards of meditation.

How do I choose as sponsor? Who can be a sponsor? What is a sponsee?

Chips... Cleanup... Literature... phone numbers... Greeter... Coffee/refreshments...

Every CMA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

What are the requirements and responsibilities? How should money be safeguarded? How should disbursement of funds be handled?

Why do we need them? What gets addressed? Who can attend? How do we elect officers?

What happens at Hospitals and Institutions Meeting? How do I get involved? How am I trained?

What is the function of Public Information and Outreach? Should I get involved?

As a 12-Step fellowship, CMA relies on its service structure to keep our community connected and growing.